C J Communications



I can  find the right mix of communications tools to deliver the results you want. Web sites, literature, media ... you will want to consider all these options and I will help you think through how they can be used to get your message across.  I may also recommend face-to-face communications or careful use of social media


Press releases, feature articles - I will create effective copy to attract immediate interest for your business or organisation.  The service includes getting copy placed where it will do your business the most good - whether local or national papers or specialist and professional press. This is designed to create the right level of interest, driving more business to your site. I will also look after your advertising copy and craft speeches, if that's what you need.

WEB CONTENT: It’s your website – your business, your organisation – but have you really worked out what you’ve got that attracts customers? A fresh pair of eyes can help.  I can work with you and your developer/designer to produce fresh, arresting content.

Google Optimisation is not enough – you need to keep your site topical, relevant and interesting. You want customers and potential customers returning again and again. I will provide regular updates. I can also send regular e-bulletins to your target audience with direct links to the latest postings.

MEDIA HANDLING AND STRATEGY: Keeping the media interested in positive news about your business or organisation. I can build relations with the media – local, national and specialist – so your news gets through. I can also advise on how to manage and head off negative press.